I used to have a tape with this relaxation technique but over the years (40) I have lost it but I know it by heart. ( funny way to put it ) The idea is to start with the arms and legs and finally relax the whole face. I once got so relaxed with this method, that I was in a state of “out of body” experience. It really works. I got so relaxed that the sensation was that my body felt like it was as large as the room and my head was very small. It was very weird. I was not even sure if I was breathing because my breathing was so slow. There is a stage in this technique, where you will experience a change in your breathing, it occurs like a weird door just opened and you go into a different realm. It’s hard to explain. When I was a child I used to get, what I thought was a weird nightmare, but when I did this technique, now realized that “nightmare”, was deep relaxation. Many people have never experienced very deep relaxation. My childhood experience was images of large white soft shapes, that floated around me. I have shared this with other people and once, a person said that they had something very similar, happen to them.

The Technique:

Lay on a bed with no distractions, like a TV in the other room. It must be quiet. You must have your arms at your side and your legs out straight.

Begin by saying to yourself, “my legs are heavy and warm, warmth is flowing through my legs” . You keep, slowing repeating this for 10-15 times. What is very important is to make contact with your legs and really try to feel the warmth. It may take 7-8 repetitions of the “mantra” before you can feel that warmth and that is the key to this method. Next you do the same exact thing but saying “my arms are heavy and warm, warmth is flowing through my arms”. Make sure you are blocking out any intruding thoughts. Don’t be worrying about something else that needs to get done. This is YOUR time for you alone. Commit to it and it will work. After you said the mantra with your arms, switch attention to your neck. Say, “my neck is loose like a rag doll”, and repeat this 10 -15 times. Try to picture a rag doll and how loose the neck is. Next switch attention to your forehead. Say, “my forehead is smooth” and repeat this 7-10 times. Keep your body in the same position throughout this entire exercise. At this stage you should be experiencing a very relaxed feeling. Next, switch attention to your face. Say, “my eyes are quiet” and repeat this 7-10 times. Only you can tell how many times it may take to get the desired results for each one of these stages. When I say 10 times, it may take you 20 times. Everyone is different. You have to experiment this technique to get the desired results. The last is, to switch attention to your jaw and say, ” my jaw is slack” and repeat this 7-10 times. When you feel your jaw open, then you know you are at the right stage. You should feel very satisfied. You should now scan, mentally, your face and try to notice any tight places that are still holding tension. For me, that area was right around my sinus. My nose area was very tight. I just made up another mantra and told myself to relax that area. Once my entire face felt totally relaxed and free of any tension I noticed how much my breathing had slowed down. You should try to be aware of this and just let if happen. You can scan all the stages at this point and make sure you are very relaxed. If you need to go back and repeat a stage, that’s okay. Just lie there for 20-30 minutes and enjoy the great feeling of deep relaxation. For some of you it might feel very strange, but go with it. The next very important thing to say to yourself is ..”I am calm” and repeat this several times. The beauty of this entire technique is that eventually after a dozen or so, successful sessions, you can skip the individual arms and legs stage and just say, “my legs and arms are heavy and warm, warmth is flowing in”. The final level you should be able to attain, is to just lie quietly in a bed and say ” I am calm” and repeat that several times. Your brain will automatically just go to that quiet place. You won’t need to do anything else. Just say, ” I am calm”. I have even used parts of this technique, like when driving in my car I noticed that my neck was very tight and I said ” my neck is loose like a rag doll” and I said, “I was calm” and I felt all the tension drain from my neck. Good luck with this technique. I really hope you get something good from it.