Fragile Democracy

Today marks one year since we were viciously attacked by a crazy group of men and a few women. They were fully inspired by crazy ass Trump, a hardcore narcissist that refused to admit that he lost. To understand the mind of Trump, you just need to look up the symptoms of narcissism. People act like this is nothing important, like saying that someone has a “complex”, that he has an inflated ego. Narcissism is a mental illness that should be taken seriously. Trump is not able to admit to himself that he did not win. He will go to his grave claiming that he won. His mind is such that he will always pass the blame to something or someone else. He is incapable of compassion or empathy. He is the worst person to have led this country. He only cares about being in the limelight. He loves that people like him so much. This is his dream. He doesn’t care that people criticize him, as long as they are talking about him. His mind will always filter out the negative and just acknowledge that people are aware of him and that he remains in the media. I fear more about the attack on the Capitol, then the fact that our democracy is this fragile. When one mentally ill person can bring it all down. We have a long way to go to strengthen our government. This action has shown us the many weaknesses that exist. We became complacent and naive. We assumed that any president would be honorable and would follow all the rules and laws. We have a lot of things to change. The filibuster is now being looked at and Chuck Schumer is trying to alter or delete it. I want to see a deletion of all political parties. Parties just set up a “team mentality” in our system. Humans are easily controlled when they join a group. We are Tribal by nature and we always look for a group to belong to. This applies to religions as well. If humans dropped their religious beliefs, they would look for another group to join. This is in our nature. We feel safe in groups and then we fear the people that are different.

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published cartoonist, artist and poet and author

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