I think that this word should be authorized to use, if you are talking about the act of fornication. There are no other words that properly or accurately, describe fornication. Saying that someone was having sex, does not really define an act of fornication. Making Love, is too broad of a saying and is too vague. There are slang words, like “going at it”, or “banging”, or a long list of expressions, from every era and genre. Slang words are over used and become diluted and lose their accuracy. Our language evolves over time and words can lose their original meaning. I must note here that I am stoned and trying to formulate words is a challenge. ( laughter) Getting high can be really fun and it alters perceptions and affects reality, and, that’s the whole reason for doing it. Back to my beginning thoughts. Using fuck to describe fornication is not being used as a “bad” word. This is my point. Of course to be entirely honest, I think that every word should be liberated. There are no such thing as bad words. There are only bad intentions. Words are just connected letters, so if there are bad words. then the letters used in these words should be bad, by association. I guess that was sort of a joke. I make gag cartoons and they are published in a local monthly specialty, small newsprint. I am an artist and I sell my art online on several websites. I have 2 published books of poetry. I have around a 100 poems. I love writing poetry that rhymes but that style is no longer popular and if you want to sell poetry, you have to follow popularity. So if you agree, about “bad” words being liberated, then pass it on.

Published by david93950

published cartoonist, artist and poet and author

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