The British people that came to this country in 1620 were escaping religious persecution in England. British citizens in England were forced to attend the Church of England or be imprisoned or killed. The Puritans and Pilgrims had total belief differences from each other according to what I have read. This country was basically just a place of fantasy expression. Religious imagination and politics is what was going on. Religions are just cults. If you look up the definition of a cult, you will see what I am talking about. Gods can be anything. There is supposed to be over 4500 organized religions in the world. Imagination is what stimulates a belief. No gods have ever been proven by the use of conclusive evidence. We know the difference between reality and fantasy by the use of our 5 senses. Anyone can concoct a story and claim that is is real, without the evidence to support it. This is what religions are about. Religions can claim a lot of power by the size of their members. Religions condition and control people with fear, which is the definition of a terrorist. Many of the Evangelists on television have become billionaires. Religion is a great way to make huge amounts of money. Fear of an afterlife retribution if people do not obey is the driving force. Religions all use the same MO. Create a fantasy god, claim he is all powerful and knows what you are doing and can offer a wonderful reward or a terrible punishment. The details of creatures in a religion is what separates them. The saints and prophets and magical events is how they are different. They all share the same ideas, like claiming that their god spoke through them and they know what god wants them to do and say. What blows my mind is that people are so damn gullible. You can tell them that it is just a wild fantasy and there is no verification involved and it doesn’t matter, once they have been properly brain washed. Every human is born as an atheist. There is no god information pre-installed in the infant brain. There seems to be a proclivity for humans to accept fantasy. To envision that there is more to life than what we see. That there is some spirituality place. Humans have the ability to use their imaginations to create just about anything. The lack of conclusive evidence just doesn’t bother people, that have locked up their minds like a mental fortress. They refuse to listen to logic and reason. This would be similar to trying to convince a child that Santa Claus is a fantasy. Many countries are governed by a strong religious dogma and the people are not allowed to contradict or question the belief. This is mental slavery. The best way to control people is with fear of death. Governments and religion work hand in hand to control people. In early Europe the Pope worked very closely with the kings. I like to use the Chess board as a good example. The 2 Bishop game pieces are on either side of the King and Queen. A religious sandwich.

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