This country seems to be heading for a tailspin. The talk has become very partisan lately. This is why I am totally against having political parties of any kind. Dealing with our problems is hard enough without, first having to fight the “other side” to gain a foothold. No country can run well with inner factions making a fight that should not exist. This Right and Left comedy is totally absurd. This reminds of some school yard tug of war. The RepublicanTs are trying to drum up some silly civil war talk but I ask “just who are the two sides here” . I only see one side that wants the war. They seem to want to destroy the government that we spent 232 years building. I have no idea what they would replace it with. Maybe an dictatorship or a monarchy with “you know who” as their king and master. I am so glad that I am 79 and won’t have too many years left to witness the crazy direction that this country is heading in. Maybe this is the Rise and Fall of America. When 75 million people voted to retain the crazy, insane president, that was pushing this country off the edge of Reality. We seem to be witnessing some other form of reality. Something that I cannot wrap my head around. When up is down and down is up. I know a lot of this insanity is motivated by the frightened White Supremacists that were stoked by the hate speeches of the past administration. They seem to have some crazy notion of creating a war between the Whites and everyone else. They have no intention in addressing real problems like the Changing Weather Patterns or Failing Infrastructure or Healthcare. They want to alter the voting patterns and give more money to their wealthy benefactors. I really feel sorry for the Americans that sincerely want to preserve this country as it was created.

Published by david93950

published cartoonist, artist and poet and author

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