This must be the Mantra for every American. These baseless Middle Eastern invasions are pure insanity. These invasions provided America NO headway at all. Thousands of soldiers died for NO reason. We need to STAND UP and scream NO ! … We are not victims of government. Just like the Vietnam war when 56,000 American young men died for no reason. Finally, the American people stood up and openly protested and the government reacted in a positive way. This is how things get done. We must protest openly. Many countries watch what America does and are influenced by our actions. If we show the world that we have no intentions to invade or go to war, this can have profound reactions. It’s like 2 men, both holding a gun at each other and hoping that the other person will lay down their gun first. War is insanity and everyone knows this. Most people also know that our wars are feeding the Military Industrial Complex with trillions of our tax dollars. In World War 2, before America became involved, American companies were selling weapons and machinery to Germany. In many wars, weapon contractors will sell to both sides. These companies are making SO much money that they are hoping and encouraging wars. They give millions of dollars to Congress and Senate campaigns, in the hope that decisions to go to war, will be favorable to them. War has become a Business Model. Military contractors are counting on more wars to proliferate their profits. Peace, is a word they do not want to hear. The Pentagon is called the Defense Dept. when they should be called the Offense Dept. They have successfully brain washed the public to believe that wars are helping us in some way, to protect our freedoms. This is a gigantic lie. It’s all about profits. The Pentagon runs TV advertising to encourage young men and women to enlist. They make the military careers look like a wonderful lifestyle and call the soldiers “heroes” for killing strangers in some foreign country. They claim the military is a “patriotic” career. What they don’t tell them is that once they are wounded and missing limbs, that the VA will mistreat them. The Pentagon has been successful in promoting this “Support The Troops” mantra. The best way to support the troops is to avoid going to war.

Published by david93950

published cartoonist, artist and poet and author

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