Radical Idea

Every now and then I get some radical idea. Today I have a plan to radically improve our government. Get rid of political parties. Every time we listen or read the daily news it’s something negative about the parties. The politicians like having us divided because that is the best way to control us. Like they say, “divide and conquer”. Having 2 parties and some times 3, I guess there is still a Libertarian party out there, sets up a “team mentality”. It’s US against THEM. Humans are Tribal by nature, something you hear me say a lot, as such we naturally pair off into groups. The Left versus the Right. The Liberals versus the Conservatives. So much energy is wasted on negative actions. Each side is coiled to strike out against the other. Congress spends half of it’s time trying to outsmart the other side. Certain states in this country are connected by their choice of party. People cast their votes along party lines instead of voting for a person who has a good track record. So many of our votes are cast for people that have no qualifications, but, because they are in the correct party, we elect them. Our government would be run so much more economically and efficiently without parties. I know that this requires an entirely different mindset. People’s minds are hard to change but that should not keep us from doing the correct thing. The conversations begins and continues to grow slowly and more people begin to understand the advantages. Everyone wants the government to operate more efficiently with less obstructions. Politicians have their minds locked into a hard block against anything that the other party is trying to achieve. So many good bills have been discarded because of the stalemates that occur. Going back to the Obama presidency, the GOP members signed a document that promised to automatically block anything that came their way. This is not how a government should operate. It seems very childish to me. There are so many things in the country that require change and this idea is a good start. It’s a major start. I know that there would be issues with the campaign money that each party is used to collecting. Money should be going to individual politicians and not to the party that they identify with. Parties adopt certain agendas that are not always the best idea for the country. But all I can do is to toss this idea out there and see if there is any support for it.

Published by david93950

published cartoonist, artist and poet and author

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