This is the world that WE have created. A world where wealth transmits to power and power is what everyone wants. Power is control. In every relationship there is usually one person that wants to claim the position of power. Parents have power over their children and every parent wields that power, differently. Your boss has the power over you. This world was created slowly and gradually by everyone that has ever lived on the planet. We all have contributed to the slow shaping of our society. We treat the wealthy people with more respect. They are treated to a higher prestige. We call them the Elite. Now, we could change all of this if we wanted to. It seems that we want it this way. We all want to be the “rich” ones. We want to live in that elevated plateau. We want that house on the water. We are greedy people because that is one of our 4 traits given to us by nature, to survive in a dangerous world. The 4 traits are: Tribal, Violent, Greedy, Predatory. Nature created us and shaped us to survive, that is our only motivation, to procreate and replicate ourselves. That is the motivation for any living thing. If you see a plant growing up through a tiny crack in the pavement, where a single seed was blown by the wind, into that crevice, you witness the power to survive. Every single human has followed and supported the strong desire to have more money and the power that comes with it. We worship greed and power. We complain about the rich and how much power that they have and we still support it. It has not been that long in our history when there are now so many extremely rich billionaires. The very first billionaire in this country was John D. Rockefeller, who owned Standard Oil, back in 1916. So, in 105 years, we went from no billionaires to a 100 of them. Most of them were created within the last 28 years, since the advent of the World Wide Web in 1993. Every time that we buy from Amazon, we put another dollar in Jeff Bezos pocket. He is worth 200 billion and he might just become the first Trillionaire. There are 10 million 100 dollars bills in a billion and it would take 35 million of them to reach end to end to cross this country, so you can figure out how far 100 dollar bills could reach if you have 200 billion. I would figure this out but I have been vaping pot and my brain is numb. It was a struggle just to get this far into the page. I have better thoughts when I am under the influence. But now I have lost my place and I will stop. But I hope that you get the idea of my post.

Published by david93950

published cartoonist, artist and poet and author

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