Too Much Anger

Anger is an emotion that can twist our sensibilities. Anger can cloud our judgements. Anger can turn a normal person into a monster. Anger can be like letting a wild animal loose. Anger can make us hate. Hate is an emotion that binds us to the one that we hate. We are angry at the virus that kills at random. We are angry at politicians that lie and cheat and are greedy. We are angry at all the bad decisions being made in our name. We are angry that we cannot do a damn thing about it. Too many things in life create anger. Usually it’s a result of the frustrations that we feel, because we are so helpless. The world can be a very angry place. The results of religious beliefs can create so much anger and twist someone’s thoughts to the point that they are willing to kill themselves and kill other people at the same time. Imagine how much anger that must take. In that person’s mind, they believe in some fantasy afterlife that they will enjoy. We get angry at some mythical god that we imagine is real. We watch the terrible results of some natural disasters and wonder why that god did not stop it. Then we get angry. Our lives are filled with angry moments.

Published by david93950

published cartoonist, artist and poet and author

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