For too long a time us humans have engaged in so many wars and battles. Students are taught history and the important moments are delineated by the dates of wars and battles. My book, Human Nature/Kindle/davidmichaelschmidt , speaks about the 4 humans traits that define us, Tribal, Violent, Greed and Predatory. Wars employ all of these traits and force humans to expose their very worst angry beast. Wars are fought to defend attackers or to invade for increased power. Before countries had definite borders, armies invaded neighboring regions to gain more land for their Kings. Everything was up for grabs. Now that we have borders and armies to defend invasions, countries struggle for political and monetary reasons. The most countries with the largest military can boast that they are not likely to be invaded. America, however, has used our army to invade countries that pose no direct threats, and have used this for monetary and political reasons. America sees itself as the “worlds police”. Wars have become a “business model”. Military contractors are making trillions. Members of Congress get paid to encourage these wars and to keep them going. These poor excuses for human being, sit back and watch our soldiers die to that they can maintain their profits. If anyone remembers the cartoon, Little Orphan Annie, her daddy that adopted her was Oliver ( Daddy) Warbucks. His name was satire, for something very real, during the Second World War, getting rich off the war. President Dwight Eisenhower, warned us about the Military Industrial Complex. War profiteers have been criticized for a very long time but it still goes on. I am a Pacifist. I am against all war. Wars never have to happen anymore if people would simply refuse to support them. This includes soldiers. Everyone needs to accept a change in attitudes about war. War is simply insanity and no one wins in a war, everyone suffers death, expenses and destruction and the affects on the military after the war and the morality of mass murders. War is like letting a wild, vicious, uncontrollable monster loose. Men and women in a war, will do horrible things and see terrible things, that will change their lives forever. No human could survive a war and not be changed. We need to ask ourselves. “is this what we want to be ? ” . The world can change this, we just need the will power and strength and vision..

Published by david93950

published cartoonist, artist and poet and author

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