We have finally ended the GW Bush debacle know as the Afghanistan War. The longest running military action in American history. Thanks to Joe Biden for having the courage to finally remove all of our troops, despite a LOT of negative criticism. He knew that his popularity would take a hit. Sometimes a man has to have the knowledge that doing the right thing, over shadows, doing the popular thing. Politics is a very tricky game, because every major action will bring about a negative and a positive reaction. The public is always ready to jump onboard the internet postings. We are all scanning our social media websites and looking for something that we can post. It’s like a million people all screaming at once. We all want to be seen and we want to push out our viewpoint. Not only did Biden remove all of our troops, he rescued more than 106,000 evacuees. Too many people on FB want to only focus on the unfortunate deaths of 18 young Marines that were victims of a suicide bomber. Of course this negative posting was done by RepublicanTs. They were extremely all “cocked” and ready to shoot. Because of so much negative press against the many right wing errors lately, they were more than ready to seek something to hit back against the Biden administration. The hypocritical perceptions when balanced against the attack against the WTC on 9/11, when no one from the RepublicanT party, criticized Bush and said that it was all his mistake and wanted him to resign. This is exactly why I dislike political parties. This just sets us the “team mentality” and we humans, are ready to attack the other side. American people should work together to solve our problems, not fight against each other over ideologies. Wars are always wrong and my wish for the world is to end all wars. Wars could end tomorrow if humans refused to participate against the wishes of our leaders. Soldiers would refuse to fight and all citizens could refuse to support any part of war. This would take a major mind shift. Back in the mid 1960’s, there was a great shift in American thinking against wars. The great slogans like, “make love not war” , were a terrific beginning in changing the mind set. Another slogan I liked was, ” what if they gave a war and no body came”. It is not difficult to change the thinking process if it is energized by influential people. Unfortunately, in the 60’s, this change in thinking only happened because of the Vietnam War and so many young men were killed. Humans tend to avoid any major changes until something tragic occurs, then we react like it had to change immediately and we wondered why it was taking so long.

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