No One Knows Anything

All through our lives we hear things and read things but we really do not know all that much. We have enough info to get through our lives and that’s about it. Because of the internet, we read things and we pass that info on but it is not verified. For centuries people have feared the number 13 for absolutely no reason at all. This is superstition. We just pass it along from generation to generation and no one questions it. The beginning of the 13 fear began when the Vatican decided that the Knights Templar were just too powerful and the pope wanted them gone. On a Friday, Jan 13th, 1128, he ordered his army ( yes the Vatican had an army) or at least the pope had trusted men that were trained to carry out this task. They went out in one night and killed as many of the Knights Templar as they could find and this date stuck in the minds of people. From that time forward, Friday the 13th has been passed on as an “unlucky” date. We can say that this is totally silly but yet buildings were constructed without a 13th floor, at least as far as the numbering was concerned. Of course if a building was 30 stories tall, there was a 13th floor but that never numbered it as such. Fear of a number is mass hysteria. This is exactly what I am writing about. We all love to pass along the silly stories and fears and assorted nonsense like it’s factual, when it isn’t. This is obviously evident when it come to religions. No one in the history of civilization has ever proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt, using conclusive evidence that we can witness with our 5 senses, that any Gods or Goddesses have ever existed. Regardless of the lack of verification, religions prosper on a grand scale. “Belief” is the word that is used. Belief simply means “pretend”. Humans have killed one another over a belief, a fantasy. I do not want to ruffle feathers so I won’t say anymore about religions. I know how serious some people take this. Fear is simply a lack of knowledge. We only fear the unknown. I think of fear as our brake pedal. If we are driving and we approach a blind curve, we slow down and apply the brake pedal lightly. Fear keeps us from doing stupid things like walking across a busy intersection when the light is red. People like to regard fear as negative but it isn’t. If anyone wants to overcome a fear, they just need to become educated about the subject. Learn as much info as you can. This current pandemic situation is so filled with mis-information, that people read on some social media website, that it’s literally killing us. People are so ready to pass along something they just heard or read, like they will get a reward for being the first. News is now treated like something that you just cannot wait to share, regardless of it’s veracity. The amount of lies is compounded by more lies until the actual “truth” is buried somewhere between the lines or totally hidden. The last president treated the “truth” like it didn’t really matter. He regarded anything that he said was now the “truth” because he said it. Humanity is suffering from a “truth” gap. The internet takes info and polishes it and shines it and holds it up like it’s a prize for all to see. Facts don’t seem to matter anymore. Info is a toy that we play with and bounce around and watch were it lands.

Published by david93950

published cartoonist, artist and poet and author

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