The Blame Game

Funny that after all this time that Joe Biden has been the president, the crazy people in the GOP party have refused to accept this. You know the ones, the people that refuse to accept the outcome of the election. WELL, now that there is something to bitch about, these people are suddenly calling Biden, the president. Very amusing. This is why I dislike political parties, it just turns people into ignorant trolls. We pick the “team” and start throwing rocks over the fence and we don’t really care who we hit. Humans are TRIBAL by nature and we easily find a group to identify with. Most political party choices depend on where you live in the country. There are states that have very loyal party members. We identify certain states by being Red or Blue. Splitting the country into 2 sides is what the politicians want. The old idea of “divide and conquer”. It is so much easier to control us when we are busy blaming each other for the countries woes. You see it just scrolling though social media. People posting memes, blaming the president, whoever that may be at the time. I admit to being guilty of this. It’s too compelling to want to join into the game. We all have something that we are angry about, when it comes to politics and the people that control us. No matter who is the president, around 50% of the country will love or hate that person. Most of this vitriol is driven by party politics. I would rather have a country that works together and tries to get a compromise on issues that concern us the most. Our system has many flaws in how we govern. I would rather elect people that we think will do the best job, based on their qualifications, not on the “team” that they represent. We spend so much time hating the other team, then we do, trying to find ways to get things done. We need to drop our flags and hats and t-shirts with the “team” logo. Let’s just all be Americans for a change. Our Tribal nature is always looking for a “side” to belong to. If “our side” was the whole country, we would all prosper.

Published by david93950

published cartoonist, artist and poet and author

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