Freedom Isn’t Free

We have certain freedoms but what we choose to express may impact someone else. Some people are selfish and greedy and they want to have their freedoms even if it affects others. Freedom isn’t free, there is always a price to be paid. We want to be able to wander through life and not be interfered with. If we choose to live within a social structure in a city controlled by government, then we have to live within the rules. Freedoms often conflict with the rules of government, even when they gave us freedoms. Government creates rules that will save lives and also impacts your freedoms. One example of this is wearing a seatbelt when you are driving. People do not like being told what to do. There are times when your freedom has to be balanced with what is best for all. Wearing a mask, to help prevent the transmissions of the Covid virus and the many variants, affects your freedom. This is a time when your freedom is challenged. Being selfish can cause the deaths or serious illness of others. Government is not the right body to control a health crisis. However, this is what has occurred. Politicians ceased this opportunity to press their agenda. The two different political parties have chosen sides. One party has the power and the popular opinion, and, obviously has science on their side. The other party decided to be the antagonist, because this is the only choice that they had. This is exactly why I dislike political parties and I think that we should eliminate them all. There is a strong Tribal trait within humankind to choose a side and be loyal to that team. Common sense is usually ignored and what is best for all, is tossed aside. People know that a mask can help to prevent the airborne transmissions of the virus, but out of a sense of team loyalty, they refuse to wear the mask. People go to the extreme of passing faulty information about vaccines and mask wearing, on social media. These people are simply lying to support their team agenda, to disrupt what is the correct path to controlling the virus. These people do not seem to care that people are dying all around them, as long as their team position is promoted. Vaccines have helped control many other diseases over decades and even totally eliminated them. The team mentality caused people to invent bogus negative reasons to refuse to get vaccinated. Common sense is superseded by lies and made up comments. If you scroll through Facebook you will quickly see many posts against receiving a vaccine just because their team has chosen to resist it. The logic behind the negativity is extremely harmful. Going back to the freedom issue, this reminds me of people that choose to drive a very loud, obviously annoying, car. They want to use their freedom to drive this car even though they know it will bother people. They either are seeking attention, or just don’t care at all. It is the same when people are playing very loud music, even when, they know that it will bother other people. This is just plain selfishness.

Published by david93950

published cartoonist, artist and poet and author

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