Get That Perfect Tan

The super hypocrisy of light shaded skin. Caucasian people all over the world denigrate others that were born with darker shaded skin. I hate it when people refer to themselves or others as being “white” or “black” …. when no one has skin that color. We all were born with the same color skin that comes in a variety of shades from light pinkish tan to a deep chocolate brown. No one chooses their skin shades, they are just born with it. Humans are TRIBAL by nature. so we fear anyone that looks different. Caucasians all over the world will try different ways to get that nice tan, which is a much darker shade. They lay out in the sun using different oils or buy a tanning bed or buy oils that are already colored. The past president, who’s name I refuse to type, used a face tanning lotion that gave him an orange glow. He of all people, should have been ridiculed, for doing this, since he is such a staunch White Supremacist. He must have thought that his pale white skin just didn’t look healthy enough on camera. The Caucasian spend billions of skin creams and lotions and a variety of means to get that “perfect” tan. Light skin people think that they look healthier with a nice golden brown shade and at the same moment, denigrate those people that were born that way. I am very surprised that no one ever points this out when it is so obvious. The recent census that is taken every 10 years, showed a large decrease in the Caucasian population and this trend is going to have a huge impact on everything in this country. The popular notion that, “white people have more privileges”, will be slowly and steadily changing. More and more people with diverse ethnic backgrounds are getting into politics and this trend will increase. There is going to be a huge power shift in this country and the Caucasian population will be dumb founded, when they find out ,that they are no longer at the head of the line.

Published by david93950

published cartoonist, artist and poet and author

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