Freedom Becomes Selfish

Today the Covid Virus has been growing rapidly in the form of the Delta variant across the country. This could become worse than it has been, since the beginning. Some hospitals are already at maximum levels. The Whitehouse just sent 200 ventilators to Florida. The governor of Florida, De Santis, tried to pass a law forbidding schools from mandating masks and any other organizations. His position is that a mask mandate takes away people’s personal freedoms. Most people are against our personal freedoms, being restricted. But, in times of a national health crisis, people have to be willing to forgo a little of their personal freedoms for the betterment of the majority. Wearing a mask for your protection and that of rest, is such a tiny breech of our freedoms. This just comes out as being selfish from those that refuse to wear the mask. They might as well be wearing a t-shirt that says ..”I am selfish” . This comes off as saying to the rest of society, that you don’t care what happens to everyone else, as long as you can keep your freedoms, even after admitting that wearing a mask is a tiny hindrance. The anti-mask wearers are just using this as a protest in general against any attack against their freedoms. This attack upon their freedoms also filters down to the Second Amendment. Any mandates from the government is seen as an aggression upon our freedoms and some people automatically, throw up a wall. Getting the vaccines is exactly seen as the same “attack” because it comes down from the government and these paranoid people get real scared, real fast. These people have that Freedom Button with them where ever they go. It hangs around their neck. They are ready to press it at a moments notice. So we need to understand these paranoid types and treat them carefully. We should not attack them back, because that is what they expect and they are ready for it. We treat them with the respect of their convictions and the fears they have of government. We try to convince them by imploring their compassion and empathy of their fellow citizens and keep party politics out of the conversation. This has to be a bi-partisan issue. The only reason that the mask and vaccine issue became political, is because politicians made it that way. They used their awareness of our natural tribal trait to unify for our side, to divide us and be loyal to the team. Humans are always ready to pair off into groups because we are that Tribal, by nature. It’s the same way that religions exploit this sense of “tribe”, to belong to something, to keep us loyal and committed. We do this so naturally. The easiest way to get humans motivated is to have them join something. We are social beings that want to be connected, we need to be connected. When we are separated, we quickly become lonely in a short time and long for that reconnection. The best way to deal with this health crisis is to treat each other with total respect and compassion and don’t allow politicians to wedge us apart and then refuse to parrot their political talking points.

Published by david93950

published cartoonist, artist and poet and author

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