Stuff happens all over the world. It’s hard to look at the global map and not find a problem of some sort. From 100’s of fires to terrible floods. The climate is definitely changing and this is causing problems from food shortages to displaced people. There is no quick fix to any of these climate problems. We might have waited too long to make an impact now. Climate experts have been warning for years and countries have just shrugged it off. No one wants to change their lifestyles or their corporate greed. So we all watch and shudder at what comes next. Fires can be extinguished and flood waters will recede but the cost of all of this will cause lasting impacts. Fire destruction leads to future mud slides. Political power struggles will always be a problem and cause war and destruction. Greed is usually at the basis of most power issues. History is filled with stories about wars and battles. Humans can never get along or compromise when there is a greedy person in charge. Power corrupts. Every country has certain natural resources that bring them their wealth. As technologies evolve, there are minerals that were once worthless, that emerge to become almost priceless. Cell phones use minerals that no one was interested in, like indium and gallium, something that most people have never heard of. The Middle Eastern countries never were considered to have valuable resources before the advent of automobiles. Once oil became sought after, these countries had something to fight over. Money is the means to power. Power is what motivates mankind more than anything else. With the recent move towards electric vehicles, the battery industry has grown. Minerals like manganese and lithium are now very valuable in battery production. As technology improves, there will be other minerals that are needed. Over time, oil prices will recede as more electric vehicles are sold. The current cost to power an electric car, compared to a gasoline powered car is much cheaper, specially since gas prices are at an all time high right now. The advantages of operating and maintaining an electric car are obvious since there are so fewer parts involved. Electric cars do not need oil, so that will also decrease the need in the future. Most people do not know that the very first automobiles were electric powered, back in the early 1900’s, in Europe. The other obvious issue is the pandemic, that has taken over 4 million lives worldwide and show no signs of ending. People are refusing to wear masks and get vaccinated due to politics and other personal reasons. As new variants are evolving there is no way to know who this how this will end.

Published by david93950

published cartoonist, artist and poet and author

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