I never stopped wearing my mask and of course I was vaccinated. I don’t know why people thought that, because states declared that masks were no longer required for vaccinated, that the virus was done. Some states are not even 40% vaccinated. This was mishandled by everyone involved and I hope we learn something from this. Pandemics need to treated with iron fists. When the last president ridiculed the virus from the start, he should have been corrected publicly, because this cost lives. Politicians should be blocked from addressing serious health issues. They only care about getting re-elected and how it will affect their campaign. I have grown to hate political parties because they just create a “team” mentality. People choose a party like they choose a football team. They become very loyal and they adapt the mindset of that party. We could get so much more accomplished, if we did not have parties getting in the way. It is very divisive and splits the country in two. I think we should try it without parties and see how it works. People thought that having two parties would provide debate but it doesn’t work that way anymore. Now one party just blocks all progress on bills that they do not like. There is no debating. There is talk now of making vaccines mandatory. I think that because this is a National Health Crisis, that there could be an act created. People are dying because some people refuse to do the right thing and get vaccinated and act like responsible adults. When I think back of the intense patriotism and compassion that was created during WW2, I know that we could do it if the leaders would have jumped on this right from day one. People seemed to have lost the definition of patriotism and then made up their own, to match their personal agenda. Flying the American flag doesn’t automatically make you a responsible adult. I am not sure what flag wavers think that they are proving. This virus is still killing people and it will not stop until we get everyone vaccinated like we did with other diseases like polio.

Published by david93950

published cartoonist, artist and poet and author

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