Life teaches us from centuries of experiences. Trial and error was already figured out by those that came first. Many people died as they figured out all the ways that man could work together for the common good. Man is Tribal by nature and is hard wired to comply with certain inherited traits. We are communal and we cling together with a chosen leader and follow with compliance and loyalty. We like to repeat many ideas that seemed to have worked well. Influenced by a combination of religious and spiritual fantasy rituals and dancing concepts and decorations, they created traditions. I have commented that tradition is a lack imagination because I am an artist and I like to see new ideas. Traditions to me are boring but I can enjoy the spirit by which people embrace them. As we struggle to make a forward progress we are carrying a huge backpack of traditions. To blend new ideas and still respect the traditions is the challenge. Many traditions came directly from certain cultures. Blending various traditions expires a fantasy that amuses. There really are no rules when it comes to creativity. The human brain gets bored quickly from repetition because it craves “new and different”. There are some people that are not that creative, mentally, and if things get too different, too soon, they are uncomfortable with it. Some people are welded to their traditions and can never consider a change. Now with the advent of the internet and social media, there are other ways to influence a tradition. Just as we are Tribal, by nature, we show it with the massive interest in social media. We log in and read and throw in our 2 cents and feel like we are connected. The awesome thing about the internet is that we are connected globally not just nationally. Diversity is our greatest way to connect but so many people don’t see it that way. Fear is the unknown and we naturally fear any differences. The way to overcome fear is familiarity. Get to know people that you are ignorant about. Learn what they have to offer from their culture and traditions.

Published by david93950

published cartoonist, artist and poet and author

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