It’s painfully obvious that the Conservative media is posting lies and misinformation about the vaccine just to score points with their audience. They took this issue and made it political. From the very beginning of the Pandemic, the RepublicanTs treated this like a hoax. Even now, when it’s totally open that they are lying, on purpose, they are started to change their tune, slightly. They know that their negative position will come back to bite them in the ass come election time. Fox News, will say what ever they think their audience likes to hear, because for them, it’s just about ratings. Fox News is the “National Enquirer” of TV stations. Now there is another variant virus called Lambda. How many variants might there be, in the future ? It should against the law, and the FCC has to the power to be the watchdog over this, to lie about health issues that affect people’ s lives. This is not a game of “who is the most popular” person in the room. The Right is using this pandemic to score political points. They are so desperate to win back the House that they are changing voting rules all over the country and using the pandemic to control their base. They want to control the narrative in the media. They care about poll numbers, not death rates. Imagine a different scenario, when the whole country is focused on doing the correct thing and getting vaccinated, not because the president asked you to, but to save lives. If anyone knows the history of the America’s involvement during the second World War, then you know the terrific contributions and cooperation of the American people, working together. We have definitely drifted way off that past patriotism. Maybe we can blame this on the internet social websites that allow people to post lies. People are easily influenced by posts that agree with their viewpoint, factual or not. People love to know that there are others who follow their silly perspectives and perceptions, of the world. There are also many people that post false information to just be brats and cause trouble. No one knows who they really are where they live in the world. Never assume that posts are from this country. The internet is global and this opens the door for foreign adversaries who will do things to corrupt us. These people take our popular issues and exploit them and easily corrupt the issues and then sit back and laugh.

Published by david93950

published cartoonist, artist and poet and author

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