We live in a world of discounting. The rich discount the poor, the old discount the young and the young discount the old, men discount the women, and the darker skin people feel discounted by the lighter skin people, the smarter people discount the less educated. There is a total lack of respect. The homosexual and transexuals are discounted by the straight people. The people born with disfigurements or those with disabilities are discounted by everyone else. We discount people based on their jobs. It appears that humans are always looking for someone to demean. We are very quick to pass judgements. Those accused of crimes are discounted before they ever go to trial. We judge people by the way they dress. Anyway that we can point a finger and express disdain for someone, we do it. We are TRIBAL by nature, something I frequently write about. We naturally fear anyone that we do not know well. If someone moves in next door, we are cautious about them. If they look very different, then we are extra cautious. This is simply human nature. Fear is defined as the unknown. Anything that is strange to us, is something we treat with fear. I have written a book called Human Nature and it is available for download for just $3.99 on Kindle under my name, David Michael Schmidt. The book is about my awareness of human nature. I came to the realization that if we were to define humans by their natural traits that I would write about it. The traits that I decided on are Tribal, Violent, Greedy, Predatory. Our history shows that I am correct. These traits were given to us, for our survival, in an primitive jungle environment. The earliest humans would have needed these traits to survive by their wits. Imagine a man or woman hunting for food and fighting off wild animals or other humans trying to steal their food. It is interesting that when there are riots in cities and people revert to a very wild frenzy, that they break into stores and take all they can steal. Their actions are much like the display of exactly the traits they are underlying us all. The very traits that I wrote about. In a complete breakdown of social civil conditions, humans are ready to do what they need to survive. If you think that we act like animals, it’s more like we are acting like humans. Animals are not near as vicious and horrific as humans. In our quest for power and greed we will invade and murder each other and have no regrets for our actions. We will even brag and call ourselves “conquerors”. History may consider us “great” for taking power over others. I know that I have drifted off the original topic but I write as I think.

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published cartoonist, artist and poet and author

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