Many people are born with handicaps. It could be a physical deformity like a birthmark or deformed limb or speech impediment. No one should be treated differently because of how they were born but our society doesn’t see it that way. I was born with red hair and I grew up in the 40’s. Girls with red hair were treated much differently than boys with red hair. Many males with red hair born in the 1940’s became comedians as a way to deal with their being different. Think about all the males with red hair, like Red Skeleton, Red buttons, Mickey Rooney, etc. Humor is a common way for people to deal with being different. Having red hair always made me feel odd and not part of the “tribe”. People would call me “red” or “carrot top”. Some people can use this difference as an advantage and pretend that they are unique and therefore better, but they never really believe that. Everyone wants to feel accepted. No one wants to be pointed at and criticized. At one time, in this country, people born left handed were treated at freaks. Schools used to force these kids to learn to write with their right hands to conform them to be like everyone else. Conformity seemed to be very important at one time. The LGBT community might seem like something new but there have always been people who were born homosexuals or bisexuals. It might seem more obvious now because these people use to conceal it before it was acceptable. I say “acceptable” but we all know that is not totally true. Society still whispers behind people’s backs that they are queer. We hear all the time that someone just did something notable and it’s pointed out that they are gay. There is a very good reason why society treats people differently if they are not conformed to what we think of as “normal”. Humans are TRIBAL by nature, something you will hear me talk about often. Being Tribal beings, we fear anyone that is different. People with a different shade of skin, something we refer to as a “color”. It really annoys me that we use the word “color” like someone has blue or green skin. Every single human has the same color skin, just in a variety of shades. Saying, “black” and “white” is a terrible way to describe people. No one has black or white skin. Eventually, everyone will be blended together and there will be just one shade of skin. But, I say that even if all humans were clones, that we would still find something like a mole or freckle to point at. This is just human nature. Since we fear anyone that is different, we do so because of our safety. We should be cautious around strangers. We teach our children to “never speak to strangers” for good reason. People often speak of “racism” like it’s a very terrible thing but because of our natural fear of strangers, we are all racists. It’s not something that we are comfortable with because it’s not politically correct. We often hear people speak about racism like it’s something that we can just “get over”. Speaking about it won’t change our natural human trait of, the fear of strangers. Humans, being tribal, are easily grouped by society. We choose a political party, usually based on where we were born, ( red state or blue state) or what party are parents or our peers like. There really isn’t all that much different between the parties, except what we have been coerced to believe by the media. There is a ” team” mentality, the “us vs them” attitude. The same can be said about religions. I have slightly drifted off topic of being born different. I tend to do that a lot. Wander off topic. But I try to make people see how humans treat one another and want people to realize why we do it. We are TRIBAL by nature. This doesn’t make us good or bad. It’s just how we are.

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published cartoonist, artist and poet and author

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